Ethiopian Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 737 MAX 8 now forbidden to flight in China

Boeing faced a crisis. After the second plane crash, one of the main hopes of the aircraft company, the Boeing 737 Max 8 airliner, lost customer confidence. China to forbidden...
Boeing 737 MAX

The US to force Boeing updating 737 MAX 8’s software

A few days after the Ethiopian accident, Boeing revealed that it is already working on an update to correct the main problem that prevents flying to the 737-MAX 8. After the...
Air France A380

Air France A380 engine failure during an Abidjan-Paris flight

An Airbus A380-800 of the airline Air France fulfilling flight AF-703, between the international airports of Abidjan and Paris-Charles de Gaulle, had to return due to a failure registered in the number 1 engine when...
Lufthansa VIP Class Concept

What is the Best First Class to Europe (in 2019)

Flying in First Class is synonymous with maximum pleasure when it comes to air travel. Just putting one foot on the plane and taking a look at these elite sites through the...
Zurich Airport

Why Zurich Airport is Europe’s leading airport

Year after year, Zurich Airport is recognized as “Leading airport in Europe.” Nowhere do the passengers who start, transit or return from their journey feels more comfortable than here.
Singapore Airlines A350

The longest flight ever: Singapore to Newark (SQ22)

The world’s longest commercial flight is back in the game and flying passengers from Singapore to the New York region. On October 11, 2018, the Singapore Airlines set off to cover a long distance of...
Emirates Airbus A380 taking off

Airbus A380’s shortest flight: from Dubai to Doha

The shortest A380 service of the world was launched by Emirates two years ago on December 1, 2016 but seems not to be active anymore. The airline flew a distance of 379...
Save money when traveling by plane

Save money when traveling by plane

Are you planning your next vacation? We all know that airfare is the most expensive part of a vacation. However, with time and flexibility, it is possible to reach your favorite destination...
Lufthansa Airbus A380 taking off

Lufthansa in a nutshell: Discover the airline

Lufthansa is the flagship airline of Germany, the largest airline company in Europe, including such major airlines as Swiss International Airlines and Austrian Airlines. The airline is a member of the co-founder...
Singapore Airlines Flying

10 Best Accessories for Airplane Travelers in 2019

Traveling long haul flights is like being imprisoned in the airplane torture chamber. The turbulent holding patterns, screaming infants, and continuous assault on your personal space are enough to make your hopes...