Boeing is an American global company that designs, manufactures, and sells aircrafts, airplanes, rockets, rotorcraft, missiles, and satellite worldwide. The corporation also provides product support and leasing services. Let’s introduce their new Boeing 777X.

New Boeing 777X flying
New Boeing 777X flying

Based on the success and accomplishment of Boeing 777 and 787 airlines families, the new 777X will be the most effective twin-engine airplane in the world, unmatched in all aspects of performance. It’s worth noting that performance is a significant part of the story. The interior of the cabin is enthused by the conveniences and comforts of the 787 Dreamliner, with a wider cabin, larger windows, enhanced architecture and new lighting system. According to Boeing Corporation, all these aspects will be tailored for an innovative and unique 777X experience.

Technical specifications of the Boeing 777X

List Price$360.6 million
Program LaunchNovember 2013
Seats (2-class)350
Length229 feet (70 meters)
Wingspan on ground65 meters
Wingspan extended72 meters
Folding wing-tip7 meters
InteriorA new architecture, larger windows, new lighting, wider cabin

New Boeing 777X Technology

The new Boeing 777X has an incredible cutting-edge pioneering technology. In order to accomplish a low gross weight, this airliner will incorporate carbon fiber polymer (reinforced), which was previously used with success on the Boeing aircraft 787. The windows of 777X will be much larger (15%) than the comparing models and placed at the eye-level height for the passengers. Because the wingspan is big, the wing tips of the airliner fold up easily when sitting on the tarmac. The GE9X engine of the airliner is the most fuel efficient and powerful engine ever produced by the manufacturer. In addition, the airliner will have highly efficient composite wing than today’s Boeing 777.

First Boeing 777X in construction
First Boeing 777X in construction

New Boeing 777X is a future model for airliners

To modernize the wind tunnel testing at low speed, a team of applied mathematicians, software engineers, and developed have come up with an advanced software program to enhance the testing capability of Boeing model aircrafts. The program has implemented a complex algorithm that is useful and effective to identify testing sequences. This program was specifically designed to facilitate engineers and technicians to spend less time on making alterations or changes to parts of the airplane. After the completion of the test, the results were incredible and the time was effectively reduced by 25%.

Features of The new Boeing 777X

New Composite High-Span Wing: The airliner has completely optimized wingspan. The composite wing has a revolutionary design and make-up that enable the airplane to stretch the limits of the span as compared to other 777 models.

An Exciting Passenger Experience: The interior of the cabin is inspired by the 787 Dreamliner that has enhanced modern architecture, wider cabin area, larger windows, and new lighting.

Folding Racked Wingtip: The raked wingtip, folding, and optimized span of the airplane deliver significant fuel savings, greater efficiency, as well as complete gate compatibility at the airport.

Boeing 777X Folding Wing Tip
Boeing 777X Folding Wing Tip

In a nutshell, the Boeing 777X combines the finest features of the current Boeing 777 with a new engine, longer fuselage, and an inspired composite wing design from the 787. The 20% larger windows and low-pressurization altitude are effectual in reducing the jet lag. Surely, the new Boeing 777X will give a tough competition to its competitors in the aviation industry!



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