Formerly known as Bombardier C-series, the Airbus A220 is the state-of-the-art jetliner family produced by Airbus and Bombardier. Airbus makes substantial efforts to manufacture, market, and support the A220 family jetliner through their partnership with Bombardier. The aircraft has significantly expanded the Airbus single-aisle family and its purpose is to cover the 100-150 seat segment as well as responding to the global market demands for smaller single-aisle aircrafts.

Airbus A220: Highly Efficient

Airbus A220 aircraft is specifically designed for 150 seat market, which results in productivity, efficiency, and competency inherent in a purpose-built airplane, and a supreme environmental scorecard. This jetliner was designed using high-quality and cutting-edge computational aerodynamics mechanisms combined with modern supercomputing capabilities. The result is an amazing airplane with optimal aerodynamic efficiency and performance.

Airbus A220-100 flying (rebranded Bombardier C Series 100)
Airbus A220-100 flying (rebranded Bombardier C Series 100)

Currently, the A220 aircraft represents the most effective jetliner in the skies in terms of class, low costs, and lowest noise levels as compared to other commercial jetliners in production. So, this makes the aircraft family an ideal jetliner for noise-sensitive airports and urban operations.

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The wide use of latest aluminum in the fuselage and advanced composites in the rear fuselage, empennage, and wings significantly reduces weight as well as increases corrosion resistance, which results in better maintainability and efficiency.

Airbus A220-300 (rebranded Bombardier C Series 300)

High-Quality Single-Aisle Comfort

The Airbus A220 airplanes are designed and manufactured to deliver wide-body jetliner feel in a single-aisle airplane. The aircraft cabin provides an unparalleled passenger experience because of its spaciousness where it matters the most. Overhead bins come with the largest stowage capacity that is easily accessible. In addition, the large windows designed and positioned with more than one at each row provide amazingly optimal viewing angles. These windows likewise provide an abundance of natural light. The seats are wide enough (18-20 inches) that provide a generous and sophisticated personal space without compromising the passenger’s comfort. Moreover, the novel design of engines highly contributes to the noiseless cabin in its class. 

The lower deck cargo of the Airbus A220 holds boasts a flat floor along with vertical sidewalls for effective stacking that result in a considerably higher volume than the competition. The A220 aircrafts are the latest addition to the commercial Airbus family, which offer superior customer comfort and unsurpassed performance. This is perfect for the 100-150 seat market. Perfectly sized for the 100-150 seat market, the Airbus A220 is a highly ideal complement for the other aircrafts in the A320 family and the leading single-aisle family.

Inside Airbus A220-100
Inside Airbus A220-100

Airbus A220 dimensions

Overall Length35m
Fuselage Maximum Diameter3.7m
Cabin Length23.7m
Max Cabin Width3.28m
Cabin Length23.7m (A220-100) / 27.5m (A220-300)

Plane capacity

FreightCargo Volume2.5m3

U.S Airlines bought former Bombardier C-Series Jetliners

Airbus acquired the Bombardier C-series program in July 2018. The company put forward to fulfill two new jet orders previously owned by Bombardier. These aircraft will be manufactured in a new factory near the existing plant of the company in Mobile, Ala. The manufacturing process will be started in third half of January.

Airbus A220 Cockpit
Airbus A220 Cockpit


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