Traveling long haul flights is like being imprisoned in the airplane torture chamber. The turbulent holding patterns, screaming infants, and continuous assault on your personal space are enough to make your hopes abandon. Long flights can really take its toll on your body, from dehydration, sleep deprivation, wreaking pain on neck muscles after napping in uncomfortable positions – All this can really cramp the on-board condition. But we have (part of) the solution with those 10 Must Have for airplane travelers!

Airbus A380
Airbus A380

Do not fear, Brave traveler, because we are going to tell you the ten best airplane accessories and gadgets to avoid the uncomforting and demoralizing on-board situation. Bring the first class to you if you can not go to it!

We have even selected the best Amazon’s products to help you make the right choice! (If you have not done it before, it’s time to whitelist Travel Gear Up from your AdBlocker!)

Neck Pillow

There are a variety of neck pillows available in the market and we strongly recommend buying a neck pillow before you get on-board. Neck Pillows are very useful as they support your neck and head while travelling. A good comfy neck pillow provides safety and comfort, and help you get a good night sleep. In addition, neck pillows can also help to make your flight experience less painful and less stressful.

Noise reduction headphones

Noise reduction/cancellation headphones is an accessory that you will wonder how you ever did without! We recommend you to use a lightweight and comfortable headphone that comes with the capability of noise level adjustment so that you can hear what you want and avoid the unnecessary sounds and noise. Surely, you don’t want to miss in-flight announcements. Therefore, it is best to use the smart one! You can find this kind of headphones for every prices. But event if it is a real investment, we highly recommend it for the comfort that it brings!

Tablet – Stay connected!

The ultimate distraction accessory. A tablet is arguably the best obvious long flight gadget. Whether you want to play a game, watch a movie or anything else, it is a perfect accessory that will make you stay connected and kill time. Indeed, lots of long haul flights have on-board screens. But isn’t it more comfortable to have your own stuff including your films/series, games, etc.? Furthermore, these accessories remains relatively accessible, see below:

Power Bank

Not enough battery life on your tablet, smartphone or other electronic device? Bring this little accessory if you need a little extra power juice!

Sleeping Mask

A sleeping mask is a great accessory to sleep without any disturbance. Use it along with the noise-cancelling headphones and the neck pillow to create a good soothing sleep environment! By using the sleeping mask, you can go into full blackout mode and get a good sound sleep on long haul flights.

Travel Socks

Sometimes, airplanes can be notoriously cold. So bringing warm travel socks to avoid cold in the airplane might me a good idea. There is a wide variety of travel socks. Furthermore, good compression socks will also protect your legs from swelling.

Travel Blanket

Our experience tells us that airline blankets – when they are provided – are not big and warm enough to ensure a good night sleep on the flight. So, we recommend you to buy a breathable and lightweight travel blanket that can keep you warm and comfortable.

Touchscreen eReader

Thanks to the advanced technological tools, now, it is easy to avoid boredom on a flight using the Touchscreen eReader. Previously, books have been considered to be the most significant travelling accessory for a long haul flight, but with the advent of touchscreen reader accessories, you can carry hundreds of magazines, books, newspapers and comics in digital format. No more typical paperback! So, if you prefer reading than playing games or watching films & series, consider giving a look at the Kindle.

Also notice that eReaders have generaly way more battery life than tablets and that screen comfort is also much better as the technology used in those is not the same.

Document Organizer

A document organizer may be a smart accessory to keep your travel documents structured, organized, and safe. Keeping your documents tidy and secure is a must, especially your passport.

USB cable

You brought your smartphone, your tablet and your power bank? Great, we’re all set! Hum, wait a minute… Isn’t there something missing to connect them? Of course, a USB cable!

Also, many new airlines have USB plugs at every seat, especially for long haul flights. But they may not charge your mobile phone or tablet as fast as a power bank.

If you have multiple types of connectors for your devices, check out those multi-purpose cables 😉

Hope you like those airplane travel accessories! What about you? What are your favorite accessories when traveling by plane? Share us your tips in the comments section below!

And do not forget to bring your boarding pass 😉

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